I Joined June 2020 And Here Is My SAS Review

My Review Of Barry Plaskow & Jason Caluori's New Online Course For Using GroovePages To Make Money

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Many a time, website developers fail the test of making their content more discoverable on search engines. They find it hard to establish a balance between making the sites user-friendly and SEO-friendly. At this point, having creative or top-notch quality content wouldn’t count if it can't reach your targeted audience.

Moreover, you may have your team of writers fight to come up with enough content so that Google can rank it effectively. The good news is, the conflict can be solved with SAS Affiliate and Groovepages. Simply put, you would be saving yourself from the frustration that comes with dealing with plugins such as Cpanel and WordPress, to mention a few.

What Is SAS Affiliate?

In essence, what is SAS Affiliate? The program was put together by Jason Caluori and Barry Plasow. It works with Groovepages, which is useful in creating websites that load faster on Google for higher ranking. Unique SAS ninja SEO tricks facilitate the ranking.

The primary goal of the two programs is to save YOU money and avoid anxiety. You wouldn’t have to spend on SEO or generating plugins to rank your pages at the top. To delve a little deeper into SAS Affiliate review, it is a program that enables entrepreneurs to build a successful marketing business.

It also equips them with significant expertise for becoming more competent in marketing their services. SAS's unique features are listed below;

• Combined training on affiliate marketing and SEO based on the GrooveFunnels platform.

• High-converting templates for your website

• You can see your progress on Google ranking without paying anything.

• Live `over the shoulder` video training to teach about affiliate marketing, SEO, and copywriting.

• You can easily convert Groovepage templates with a single click.

• Additional templates worth $10,000

The true question here should be "What isn't SAS Affiliate?". What it isn't is the normal, low quality, run-of-the-mill affiliate training program that you see being promoted on the internet time and time again and simply doesn't deliver on its promise.

That's a big statement I know. but it's the truth. I've been online for the past 10 years and I have bought, used and thrown away so many, supposedly, "last thing you'll ever need" programs it's not funny. And in nearly every case, they failed.


Because they usually don't have people behind them who are true affiliate marketers and who are committed to making sure that you actually SUCCEED to make money with their program.

The SAS Affiliate system is a modular program that takes you from ZERO to MASTER in the quickest time possible. Each module gives you a bite-sized piece of the puzzle so that you can actually start building your affiliate business right from the start.

No spending hours upon hours in "theory" or "possibilities". This is a WATCH and DO course that propels you down the path of affiliate marketing AS YOU GO.

Does SAS Affiliate Work For Beginners?


It's actually designed for beginners because of the step-by-step way that the course is put together. Jason Caluori is without question, the best teacher in affiliate marketing that I have ever seen. Everything he says and does simply makes sense.

And even better than that, he actually gives you the tools and content you need to build your sites, be they affiliate sites for SAS Affiliate or ANY OTHER PRODUCT you want to promote.

You even get the code for the website you're on right now.

That's right, you actually get the code to copy and paste into your free GroovePages system so that you can have a new website, just like this one, up and running in a matter of hours.....

Instead of days, weeks or even months with traditional website and page building systems.

If you're a beginner, then you are in the right place. BUT, if you have any experience at all, or even if you've been in the game for a long time, you will be totally blown away at just how good SAS Affiliate is.

You WILL learn new tactics and strategies that can take your existing affiliate efforts into the stratosphere.

Does SAS Affiliate Work For Local?

Yes it does. It is brilliant for local because when you learn how to do keyword research THE RIGHT WAY, as Jason teaches it, you will see that not only does it work for local business, but that it works for any business.

It works for ecommerce.

It works for affiliate products.... of course.

It works for home based businesses and anyone who runs any sort of hobby business. In fact, there's really no limit to how you can make the training and the content work for you...


When combined with the power of your free GroovePages account, it becomes a product creation and promotion powerhouse.

There really is nothing like it available on the market.

Benefits of the Program

• It enables you to become an exclusive affiliate of SAS

As a member, you become an affiliate of future programs before others gain access. You also enjoy numerous high converting products and templates to promote the faster ranking of your websites.

• You can ask questions and get answers

In essence, the best way you can understand how to go about the SAS Affiliate program is by asking questions on Facebook and Q&A sessions. The sessions are made better because you interact with the legendary Jason Caluori for answers, hints, and tips about SAS Affiliate. What's more, he can review your websites and address direct issues concerning it.

• It only takes 4 weeks to complete the Training Video's.

In the 1st week, you probably begin training while ranking for the lowest hanging fruit affiliate programs around. Week 2 enables you to discover how to rank for more competitive keywords. In week 3, you rank smart for the hottest recurring commission systems and learn how to apply the above in local marketing in the final week.


I'm sure you have always wanted an affiliate expert to take you through the process of setting up successful campaigns. In this case, SAS is the ideal solution for newcomers. They can use it significantly without worrying about spending to advertise their content or direct traffic to their business. The experts point out every detail that would work for you without making it complicated or overwhelming.

Whether the program is a scam is a good question for anyone who has been bitten before. In this case, you are safe from scams with the program. In the beginning, trainees are not forced into promoting specific products.

Additionally, the price for personal training, usually $1000, is encouraging for individuals who want to learn how to make good money in the future. The fact that it is backed by real experience proves its legitimacy and integrity. Additionally, you have the powerhouse of SAS at your disposal. Jason gives you significant insight into the factors to consider when selecting and promoting your products. This also includes crafting our site's keywords in articles expertly to attract substantial search engine optimization.

You also don’t have to deal with clients or support them. The program is designed to help you market your business effectively using Groovepages. One would probably look at it as an unfair strategy to generate more sales with the least effort.

The “No One Left Behind” motto for SAS is the perfect definition of including every individual in promoting the best offers with little spending. The “Done With You" video training takes everyone step by step in understanding the full power of GrooveFunnels. The program works with you to help you understand `what is sas affiliate` until you become successful.


If I were to find any fault with the affiliate program, it would be that their live training sessions coincide with the times that don't fit my schedule. For this reason, I watch the replays and ask questions in the Facebook group.

Another tiny inconvenience is that the program doesn't have promotional material for anyone who wants to promote it. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that this is a major put off for me because it is a little cliché that can go unnoticed amidst the many benefits.

The Final Verdict

While you are more likely to come across several affiliate programs for marketing and training, you still have to find the one that has less complicated processes. You wouldn't want to try out one expensive tool after another simply because the trainers recommend them and swear about their efficiency.

The SAS Affiliate marketing program is, by far, the ideal solution for relaxing from all other exhausting marketing affiliates. What's more, the developers, Jason and Barry, address every little concern that would influence your success. They have committed their experience to provide many people with useful tools to carry out successful marketing campaigns.

For these reasons and more on this SAS Affiliate review, you have the ideal marketing strategy at your disposal. If you are looking for one of the best resources to get you started on your affiliate campaigns, click the link below to order the program today.

What Does The SAS Affiliate Course Include?

SAS Affiliate and GrooveFunnels Complementary Business Strategy

✅ Step-by-Step, over the shoulder training with Jason Caluori in 7, easy-to-digest modules, that practically forces you to take action....

✅ Modules including Pre-Game preparation and introduction, Picking Keywords, Picking Products, Writing Content, Site Building, Building Links and then Next Steps.....

✅ Ready made templates for SAS Affiliate sites, local business, GroovePages and many, many more...This is SUPER POWERFUL

✅ Live training and recordings to help you build on the course knowledge and get you selling....

✅ Bonus webinars featuring guest speakers and covering topics like ecommerce, local business, social media and so much more...

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Join SAS Affiliate

In times of indecision I like to remind myself of this little quote. "Indecision is the enemy of progress". SAS Affiliate is the right product for right now. It is a complete training program backed by two powerhouse affiliate marketers. Click the button below to get started right away!


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

  • Q. Are current SAS Members happy with the program?
  • Q. Does the training end when the course ends?

- No. There is ongoing training all the time with regular webinars and bonus material added to the course. There is also Jason's Inner Circle facebook group (a paid group but can get the first week for a lowly $1).

  • Q. I've never had success before, Can I do this?

- Anyone can do this and if you haven't had success before then you will be excited when you see how easy it is to actually get your product and website online. This program is designed for beginners with its step-by-step, action taking approach. As Barry Plaskow says "No one will be left behind".

  • Q. Who are Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori?

- Barry and Jason are both long-term online marketers with years of experience in the physical products, digital products and affiliate markets. They have joined forces to create the SAS Affiliates program to help everyone from beginners to experts to get online faster and more easily using the latest products and techniques.

  • Q. I've been bitten before, is this a scam?

- That's a good question to ask and unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there. But no, this is not a scam. It is the real deal, backed by real, experienced people, with a real product. When you meet Barry and Jason and you see what SAS Affiliate is, you will know that this is a legitimate program run with integrity.

  • Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

- SAS affiliates is sold through the Digistore marketplace which has strict money-back and quality assurance guidelines to protect buyers. Details of the guarantees are on the site.

  • Q. How soon can I begin making money?

- For legal reasons no one can make a guarantee of making money. Your efforts will determine your success. The course however, is designed to move you from nothing, to online in super quick time (you can literally do it in a week or less) and once your site is up, you can begin making money. How quickly that will happen and in what volume is impossible to tell. It depends on many factors of which you are the main controller (such as site appearance, your keywords etc). Know however, that you are being given a massive advantage to being successful due to the content and assistance in the course. You are never alone.

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